How did I get here?

I love hearing all the different reasons that led to people starting their own businesses. I’m pretty sure that I’m not alone in starting mine because I was made redundant. But I was super lucky. You see I knew I was going to be made redundant (benefit of inside HR knowledge) and so I had some time to plan and prepare. I didn’t immediately know what I would do next so I was able to really think about the possibilities. I had been working in L&D for two big corporates and I really loved seeing people flourish in their roles. I have always found it easy to explain things in a way that’s simple to understand, so it seemed likely that I would continue doing something that let me help and teach people.


What many people didn’t know (and perhaps some of you don’t either) is that I had been living with severe anxiety that I had hidden from most people and it had been impacting on my life for years. About 3 or 4 years BR (before redundancy), I had found Mindfulness. I know people throw the term ‘life-changing’ around a lot, but it truly was transformational. It isn’t a quick fix and I was still learning and practicing at the time I found out about the impending redundancy (I know now that with Mindfulness you are always learning and practicing!), so perhaps that’s why the thought of becoming a Mindfulness teacher didn’t occur to me immediately.


But when it did, it was as if everything fell into place. I immediately signed up to the courses I would need to take to qualify, and I enrolled in a four-year Masters in Mindfulness-based Approaches (if I decide to do something I tend to go all in!). I can’t quite believe that those four years are over. I submitted my dissertation a few weeks ago and I’m waiting for results. The qualification is nice to have but really it is what I have learned and developed along the way that really matters. I have met some incredible people, I have immersed myself in knowledge, so that ethically I feel like a competent teacher, oh and I really love my job. I mean I get to meditate for a living. I feel incredibly lucky (I think I’ve said this a couple of times). And it is not just work. Throughout the pandemic a wonderful community was formed, you can join us if you like, we tend to hang out on Facebook here. My clients are wonderful people, we are all on our own unique path to flourishing but it is better together. Mindfulness is a solitary pursuit, best done in groups!

Limiting Beliefs

I still have some buts though. Whilst my day to day anxiety is at an all time low (even with teenagers!), I do still let things get in my way when growing my business – this is not my area of expertise and some self-limiting beliefs still rear their ugly head (Mindfulness helps). So that’s the new project. I had to scale everything back over the last few months to get the essay done so now it is time to grow again. Building a business needs visibility, consistency, strategy and belief! It is hard to go it alone, and I am lucky to be working with some fabulous coaches for those areas I need support in (get in touch if you want some recommendations!).

Just do it!

What was your inspiration for starting your own business? Perhaps you haven’t yet but want to and just don’t know how to, or are scared of taking the risk. Maybe it is something else that you are holding back on, a life changing decision that you can’t quite find the courage to follow through with. Let me tell you, it will be worth the difficulty, the hard work and the effort if it is what you really want to do. Listen to your heart!


Feel free to get in contact to chat more. I am not a business coach but I can point you in the right direction. Until next time…