“I can honestly say that this course has changed my life. Mindfulness is not a quick fix and Lucy made that very clear from the beginning. I am not suddenly a brand new person who never worries, never feels sad and sits under a Bodhi tree in a state of Zen all day! But I do feel like I now have the tools I need to manage myself more effectively and for the first time (probably ever) I like myself and I will be forever grateful for taking this time for myself. Thank you Lucy.”

“The course will give you the some really simple tools to help reduce stress levels, enhance relationships and get the most out of life! “

“Equips you with strategies and tools to relieve stress and think about how you are living in the moment.”

“Practical helpful practices to make life seem more manageable and positive”

“Mindfulness is such a wonderful tool to have, it allows you to be present and mindfully respond to situations. It gives you time to think before you react and you won’t believe how powerful that is. Lucy has a gift in the way she trains and within eight weeks you can be actively using the tools” 

“The course was amazing. Totally much more than I have expected. It had a practical toolkit to manage both stress and the wider way of running my thoughts and life. I would be inclined to redo the course even though I have done it already.”

“ I feel far more chilled out, focussed, thoughtful and content. And I feel a sense of inner peace that I haven’t felt for a long time. I would recommend this to anyone. Thank you Lucy for a well put together course and your delivery of it and for being so supportive.”

 “I am now able to meditate more regularly and be mindful more often through the day. This keeps me focused on what I am doing and therefore enjoy whatever I am doing. I look at the positives in what I do, this gives me pleasure rather than wish things could be easier or ‘why do I have to do this’. I am hoping that by building a strong base of feeling good and knowing what I do is good, will see me through the difficult times that may come along.”

“If someone is feeling overwhelmed, stressed and anxious about life, particularly if the root cause is work related, then the MBSR course will provide the foundations to help minimise and manage these feelings from occurring.”

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