About Presence of Mind

A bit about Lucy Woods…

Before I founded Presence of Mind, I was a Training Manager for two major newspaper and magazine publishers for more than 20 years. Having always sought to “fix” my own anxiety and pain issues, I discovered the benefits of practicing Mindfulness approximately 9 years ago.

After redundancy, it seemed fated that I should combine my training skills with my passion for the transformational effects of Mindfulness. I qualified to teach Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction with Mindful Academy International, and I went on to complete the 4 year Masters in Teaching Mindfulness from Bangor University (The Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice) studying under some of the most renowned experts in Mindfulness in the UK.

My Frazzled Story!

I’ve had my share of difficult times. I had to end my singing career before it had even properly begun due to illness.

My relationship broke down before my child was born and, having always suffered with low level anxiety, I searched high and low for a ‘fix’ to the challenges and problems I had that made me feel faulty in some way.

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