I was on a training course yesterday and heard a phrase that is used to help young people to keep on track with their future – “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing”.

What’s the point?

This is wise advice and can be applied to many things, but it particularly struck me that we should adopt this attitude at Christmas. Why? Well because it is so easy to stray away from the point of the celebrations.

It should be enjoyable!

We allow ourselves to get stressed about all sorts of things;  from buying presents, cooking the right food to pleasing everyone and so on. So, is it possible to just take a moment to just ask ourselves, what do we want most from this Christmas period? What is the “main thing”?

(I will assume at this point that the “thing” we have identified is something that brings us happiness if not then the rest of this blog may not be relevant).

Avoiding the stressors

If we can then hold this in mind as our real reason for doing all the preparations, then we might just be able to sidestep the stress or even make a choice not to do something or see someone that we know is going to cause us more stress.

Is it possible to take responsibility for our own actions and reactions during this festive period?  Can we keep the focus on the “main thing” – e.g. fun, family or resting and then gear everything we do around this as the real point of it all? Each time we notice that we are worrying or stressing, can we come back to our “thing”.


So next time you are queuing in a busy shop or panicking that the present you were buying has sold out, come back to your main thing, your reason for it all. Stop, take a breath, remember your “thing” and enjoy the Christmas period.

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